About Me / About My Method

About me:

I have spent the last 45 years of my life playing and teaching the violin and viola. Music, and string instruments in particular, have been a passion for me since the day in third grade when I inexplicably followed the person who came to my classroom and announced “anyone who wants to play the violin come with me". Teaching became a passion after struggling for years with virtually no guidance in the public school milieu, when those lessons, which made it possible for me to have the opportunity to begin the violin, frustrated me in their failure to help me progress properly. It became my mission to make sure that anyone who came my way with the desire to learn how to play the violin would be able to learn proper techniques and have fun doing it!

My training:

My private teachers were Pamela Gearhart and Donald Weilerstein in Buffalo, New York; Louise Behrend in New York City and Efim Boico, Ralph Evans and Yuri Beliavsky in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have also received chamber music coaching from Mischa Schneider, Martha Katz, Donald Weilerstein, Wolfgang Laufer and Judit Jaimes.

I received a BFA in violin performance from UW Milwaukee and have done graduate work there also.

In 1981 I completed a two-year training course in teaching via the Suzuki method at the School for Strings in New York City and subsequently taught at that school until leaving for Milwaukee in 1985 (corresponding with the birth of my first son).

I have taken other Suzuki workshops and courses with Suzuki notables including Milton Goldberg, Alice Joy Lewis and Kay Slone. I have taken Mimi Zweig’s course “Teaching the Violin to Children” and Sheila Johnson’s workshop on teaching Paul Roland’s “Young Strings in Action.”

In addition to my own studio and the School for Strings, I have been a member of the faculty at the Brooklyn College Preparatory School, Villa Maria Academy of Music, the summer camp Youth Makes Music, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and as string and ensemble instructor and Music director for the now defunct Waldorf School of Milwaukee.

One of my great loves is performing in chamber ensembles and I am an active musician in the various orchestras and chamber ensembles in South-Eastern Wisconsin.


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