Tuition and Fees

Private Lessons / Group Classes

Tuition Schedule 2010-2011 - Private Lessons:

Two semesters of 15 lessons each plus flexible summer scheduling

Cost per semester:

  • 30’ @$25.00 =$375     1/2 =$187.50
  • 45’ @$35.00 =$525     1/2 =$262.50
  • 60’ @$45.00 =$675     1/2 =$337.50
Payment can be made weekly, monthly (at the end of the month), per semester or half - semester.

Semester I payment due dates for those choosing semester payments:

In Full—First week of classes (week of September 6) or
2 installments—Week of September 6 and week of November 1

Semester II payment due dates:

In Full- week of January 10th
2 installments- week of January 10 and week of March 7

Please contact me if the tuition is not financially feasible for you. It is not my intention that a student goes without lessons because of financial hardship. We can try to work something out!

I am open to bartering for all or part of the tuition. If you are interested, talk to me and see if there is an arrangement we can make that is mutually agreeable.

Every effort will be made to reschedule or make up lessons that must be missed by either the teacher or the student. Lessons unable to be made up will be refunded if full tuition payment has been made.



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